Renaissance Suite
Renaissance is a modern, open, and diversified benchmark suite for the JVM, aimed at testing JIT compilers, garbage collectors, profilers, analyzers and other tools.

Renaissance is a benchmarking suite that contains a range of modern workloads, comprising of various popular systems, frameworks and applications made for the JVM.

Renaissance benchmarks exercise a range of programming paradigms, including concurrent, parallel, functional and object-oriented programming.

Renaissance is completely open source, with the code available at GitHub, and is designed as part of an ongoing, collaborative effort to determine a set of modern JVM benchmarks.

The paper presented at PLDI'19 explains the motivations behind the Renaissance suite, as well as a detailed analysis of the individual benchmarks.


Sample benchmark measurements showing performance of multiple JVM implementations against the OpenJDK baseline. Visit the measurements repository for more technical details about the measurements.

Renaissance 0.15 Released

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Renaissance benchmark suite. This release is primarily aimed at improving compatibility with Java 21 (LTS) and Java 22 (EA), but it also marks the departure from Java 8 by requiring at least Java 11 to build the suite and to run the benchmarks. Several benchmarks now use Scala 3 and a memory leak was plugged in one of the benchmarks.

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Renaissance 0.14.2 Released

We have released a maintenance update of the Renaissance benchmark suite with two changes in the underlying libraries. One is to avoid packaging vulnerable versions of the log4j framework and the other is to improve compatibility with the LoongArch64 processor architecture.

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Renaissance 0.14.1 Released

We have released a bugfix update of the Renaissance benchmark suite, fixing two race conditions discovered in the finagle-chirper and reactors benchmarks. Apart from the bug fixes, there have been no other changes to the benchmark code or the underlying libraries. The changes in the affected benchmarks are relatively minor, and the unaffected benchmarks are identical to Renaissance 0.14. Consequently, there should be no significant changes in the workloads.

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Renaissance 0.14 Released

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Renaissance benchmark suite. This release contains a mix of benchmark dependency updates and some internal changes. The most visible change is an update of Apache Spark to version 3.2.0, which enabled migrating the apache-spark benchmarks from Scala 2.12 to Scala 2.13. In addition, Scala 2.13 benchmarks were updated to use Scala 2.13.8. The internal changes make it easier to run individual benchmarks in what we call standalone mode, which is desired for GraalVM Native Image benchmarking.

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