Renaissance 0.14.1 Released

We have released a bugfix update of the Renaissance benchmark suite, fixing two race conditions discovered in the finagle-chirper and reactors benchmarks. Apart from the bug fixes, there have been no other changes to the benchmark code or the underlying libraries. The changes in the affected benchmarks are relatively minor, and the unaffected benchmarks are identical to Renaissance 0.14. Consequently, there should be no significant changes in the workloads.

Both race conditions resulted in exceptions visible in the benchmark output, but only the exception in the reactors benchmark caused the benchmark to fail in a difficult-to-ignore deadlock. The exception in finagle-chirper caused a particular future computation to terminate prematurely, but that did not cause the entire benchmark to fail. We apologize for the inconvenience.

More details can be found in the respective pull requests (#356 and #357 in the case of finagle-chirper, and #360 in the case of reactors).

Any comments and contributions are welcome.

Happy benchmarking!