Renaissance 0.14.2 Released

We have released a maintenance update of the Renaissance benchmark suite with two changes in the underlying libraries. One is to avoid packaging vulnerable versions of the log4j framework and the other is to improve compatibility with the LoongArch64 processor architecture.

Even though we believe that the Renaissance suite itself (and the way it is used) is not susceptible to the vulnerabilities, the presence of JAR files with vulnerable classes can trigger alarms from various security scanners in some environments. We have removed the log4j library from all (even transitive) dependencies and replaced it with the reload4j library where necessary. The logging configuration of the Apache Spark, Twitter Finagle, and Akka benchmarks was updated to restore the previous behavior.

To improve compatibility with the LoongArch64 processor architecture, we updated the JNA library to a version that includes support for the processor.

See the pull requests referenced in the GitHub release for more details.

Any comments and contributions are welcome.

Happy benchmarking!