Renaissance 0.10 Released

Two months after the announcement of the Renaissance benchmark suite, we are pleased to release version 0.10.0 that includes a new benchmark, several improvements and bug fixes.

Most importantly, we added the scala-doku benchmark which is a Sudoku solver written in Scala. Other changes include making finagle-http more parallel, addressing an important bug in finagle-chirper and removing the native libraries dependencies of db-shootout. Moreover, the compatibility with different architectures has been improved and JDK11 is now also supported. All changes are listed in the GitHub release.

The numerous reports and positive feedback from the community are very encouraging and show a quick adoption of the suite across the industry. It helps companies like Oracle, IBM or SAP track performance and/or fix bugs. For instance, this OpenJ9 bug running Apache Spark has been spotted thanks to the Renaissance suite.

We address special thanks to:

  • tkrodriguez from Oracle for the in-depth analysis of the finagle-chirper bug
  • vkostyukov from Twitter, for his feedback on the Finagle benchmarks
  • MBaesken and the SAP Machine team for compatibility testing on less common infrastructures