Renaissance 0.13 Released

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Renaissance benchmark suite. This release is primarily a JDK compatibility update, introducing support for the newly released JDK17. The Renaissance suite now supports the complete set of LTS releases of the JDK (JDK8, JDK11, and JDK17) on Linux, MacOS X, and Windows. A few benchmarks have dependencies that limit their compatibility to a particular range of JDK versions and these are automatically excluded when running the suite on an unsupported JDK.

The changes in this release are minimal. The most important one just brings the Scala 2.12 benchmarks over to Scala 2.12.15, which now properly supports JDK17 – we merely pass on the compatibility improvements provided by the Scala community! This change affects the following benchmarks, which were previously using Scala 2.12.14:

  • finagle-chirper, finagle-http
  • neo4j-analytics
  • philosophers, scala-stm-bench7
  • reactors
  • all apache-spark workloads

Here we just want to note that no benchmark code has been changed in this release, only project documentation and parts of the harness responsible for plugin loading (plugin main class can be now specified in its manifest).

We welcome any comments and contributions.

Happy benchmarking!